MX341 AVR - Genuine Stamford Model

Stamford MX341 (MX341-2 - E000-23410 - E000-23412 - E000-23412/1P) Automatic Voltage Regulator - Genuine and made in the United Kingdom.

Ex stock United Kingdom - shipped Worldwide.

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Product Description:

E000-23412 MX341 AVR

The SP Powerworld EA341 Compatible Voltage Regulator is accepted worldwide as the only Quality, Legal and Cost effective alternative to using a Genuine Newage Stamford MX341 E000-23412. It has been designed to work in exactly the same way and operates at the same performance. It's the same size, function, and has the same wiring connections. The EA341 is also Compatible with the following Newage Stamford models:

MX341-2 - E000-23410 - E000-23412 - E000-23015 - E000-23010 - 305-0846 - 350-10400 - Onan 305-0846.